About Me + My Approach to Yoga

Matt has taught me that there’s no “right” way; each pose is individual to how we are built and how we feel on a given day. Matt teaches how to break poses into component parts, which over time helps to build strength, but has also helped me tune into and better understand my own body. I couldn’t have imagined how to do that, or why it could be useful, before Matt’s teaching.
— Sophia Phillips
 Photo courtesy of   Breeze Yoga

Photo courtesy of Breeze Yoga

It was the physicality of yoga that initially drew me to the practice...in particular the transitions and the flow of movement. 

But I soon found that there were many benefits beyond just the physical...yoga brought greater balance and awareness into my life.

As I continue to deepen my knowledge and understanding of the practice, I feel incredibly lucky to help others discover the benefits of yoga and mindfulness for themselves. These practices have the potential to be truly transformative and my ambition is to make them as accessible as possible to everyone.

As my practice continues to evolve I've found a lot of benefit in slowing things down - moving slowly not only helps us to build physical strength, it also allows us to cultivate a deeper mental connection to our practice. 

So by encouraging students to move through their practice with attention and awareness, I try to help them cultivate a deep relationship to their bodies and breath...which in turn develops the quality of presence or mindfulness. 

So if you come along to my classes you'll enjoy a friendly, down-to-earth practice centred around mindful, slow-flowing sequences. There will be some challenging bits, some explorative bits and some introspective enquiry too.

I look forward to meeting you in class soon...