Private + Corporate Yoga Classes

After 30 years of rugby and weight training my flexibility and range of movement was very limited to the point that sitting at a picnic was beyond me. I felt yoga would be beneficial to me but didn’t fancy being the guy at the back of the class who couldn’t do anything. I came across Matt and took the plunge to start my yoga journey learning on a one on one basis at my home. Matt read me well and started with an initial focus on physical movement before introducing other aspects of the practice. Safety and health always came first and he has helped my yoga develop beyond my wildest expectations. I would recommend Matt as a teacher to all levels of yogi but especially for somebody such as myself where yoga seemed a good idea but starting seemed too daunting a prospect. Since I started attending group yoga classes I have come across many excellent teachers but none as good as Matt.  
— Robert Whicello

Private Yoga Classes


If you’re serious about yoga practice you should definitely be considering private yoga classes.

Private yoga sessions complement group classes and personal practice by allowing you to work closely with me on key aspects of your yoga practice. This helps you to build a greater understanding and appreciation of yoga poses and also of the more subtle elements of yoga, enabling you to work with the practice on a deeper level. 

Some of the benefits of private yoga classes include :

  • breaking specific yoga poses down in detail

  • having more time for adjustments and questions

  • focusing on key aspects and elements of your practice

  • allowing beginner yoga students to gain an understanding of the basics and fundamentals of hatha yoga before joining a group yoga class

  • working with an injury to adapt and modify your practice accordingly

  • or if you're simply finding it difficult to make it to classes on a regular basis and want to practice at a time and place that's convenient for you

I teach one-to-one and private yoga classes in South East London and around the Beckenham / Bromley / West Wickham area.

All classes are completely tailored to the individual with programmes designed for the specific needs and aspirations of each student.

Prices vary depending on location and duration of sessions. For more information email me today.

Corporate Yoga Classes

Yoga and mindfulness can help your employees to be more productive by reducing stress, improving mental and physical wellbeing and creating a happier and healthier work environment for all. Practising together can also be a fun, healthy and novel way for work colleagues to bond with one another. 

I teach corporate yoga and mindfulness classes for companies who wish to provide classes for staff members at their business location. All classes can be tailored to the level of experience and needs of the specific group. 

Prices vary depending on location and duration of sessions. For more information get in touch today.