Lisa Withey

Matt’s breadth of knowledge and person centred classes mean that he’s able to adapt each session to suit everyone in the room, offering different variations on each pose and always reminding you that there’s no “better”, or “best” version of the pose; that the best version is the way that serves the body best in that moment. It’s something I am still working on - accepting that the poses I see on instagram don’t necessarily serve you best - but Matt’s classes are a great place to learn!

Matt teaches yoga with a sense of playfulness which has encouraged me to lean a little deeper into poses, even if it means a wobble or a fall.

Each class gives you a little something new - a variation on a pose; a new way to breathe/hold yourself/move your toes; a renewed reminder of the value and worth of each body as it is. I’ve grown in physical strength for sure, but it’s the growth in strength of mind that I really love most.

Thanks Matt!