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Hands as Feet: Yoga Hand Balance Masterclass

  • Breeze Yoga Beckenham 9 Albemarle Road, Beckenham Kent BR3 5HZ United Kingdom (map)

Hand balances can bring a fun, playful quality to our yoga practice. They present an opportunity for curious exploration of the ways in which our bodies adapt to unfamiliar demands and they allow us to challenge and gently probe preconceived ideas about our boundaries and limitations.

But it’s true that they can also feel somewhat daunting. After all, most of us aren’t used to standing on our hands! However, once the core principles of hand balancing are understood, these poses can start to feel much more accessible.

In this workshop we’ll break down the fundamental techniques and basics of hand balancing; from foundation postures such as plank and side plank (vasisthasana), to more challenging poses such as bakasana (commonly referred to as crow pose), side crow and eka pada galavasana (‘flying pigeon’).

Options will be provided for all levels of experience. So whether you’re looking to achieve ‘lift off’ for the first time, or whether you want to refine your existing technique to fully master these postures, you’ll leave the workshop with the knowledge and understanding to take your hand balancing practice to the next level